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McDonald's Secret Menu Items You Didn't Know

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 4:44 pm

McDonald's has always kept a secret menu for its fans and finally a U.K based McDonald's manager has revealed during a Reddit AMA that it does has a secret menu, Wanna know more? Here are the 12 McDonald's secret menu items you didn't know.
1.Pie McFlurry

This is something that they really need to advertise more because it is Fruit pie and ice cream and who would not want to have that after a burger? It is certainly very tasty and it is a shame that so many people are missing out on something that is actually very, very good.

2.Monster Mac

This is just ridiculous and if you can manage to eat this then it is some achievement. There are actually 8 burgers on there along with all of the usual salad stuff and cheese, but how do you even get your jaws around this? How is it possible to eat this in the one go?

3.Neopolitan milkshake

How cool and tasty does this look? It is basically a milkshake made up of three different flavors of ice cream and in this instance it is vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and you will just love working your way through all of this and feel completely satisfied at the end.

4.Root beer float

This is in the same boat as the coke float and once again you do wonder as to why they have decided to keep quiet about it and force you to specifically ask for it. This is of course simply ice cream with root beer and as long as you love those two things you will adore this dessert.

5.Grilled cheese

This one is so simple, but you have to admit that there is something tasty about it, so why they keep quiet about this is a puzzle. You simply get a bun and some cheese and it is grilled to melt it resulting in this rather great little snack.

6.Big McChicken

This is certainly very well named as you can see by this image. This takes a Big Mac, takes the bun off, and replaces it with two bits of chicken resulting in something that you will either love the look of or turn away in disgust. Clearly you still get the cheese and the salad, so at least there is a bit of health in there.

7.2 Cheeseburger meal

This one is easy to explain as it is simply 2 cheeseburgers along with fries and a drink and it is a surprise that it is actually off the menu. The only reason they would do that is to make you buy another cheeseburger on its own and to make more profit.


8.Coke float

How cool is this? A McFlurry with coke resulting in a coke float and you just know that this is going to be pretty darn good and you will be ordering it more than once. Why they decide to keep this off the menu is certainly something that is an absolute mystery because it would sell really well if more people knew about it.

9.Special sauce

The main thing is the sauce in this picture because in actual fact you do not have to just get ketchup as there is also another special sauce made by them that does not appear on the menu. You have to specifically ask and even though it may look a strange color it is actually pretty good.


10.Land, sea & air

This thing looks massive, but to understand why it is called land, sea, and air we need to look at what is in it. What you get is a hamburger, McChicken, and the fillet of fish all topped with the normal bun. This is a serious mixture of flavors and it will certainly not be for everybody.

11.Chicken and waffles

This is certainly going to be something that you had never thought about before, but does the idea of chicken and waffles actually appeal to you? As you can see all it involves is removing the bun from a McChicken sandwich and replacing it with two waffles resulting in something that really does taste different.

12.All American

This one is probably a surprise as it is called the All American, but you will not see it on the big menu as you walk in. Basically, with this one there is no cheese, but everything else is included that you would normally expect to get on a burger. It really is as simple as that.


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