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Unhealthy Foods That Seem Healthy

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 1:29 pm

1.The Healthy Sandwich

A healthy sandwich might not be as healthy as it first appears. The ingredients might appear great, such as lettuce, beetroot, avocado and cream cheese, but in reality many health sandwiches are packed with animal fats and saturated oils. Refined bread, high fat cheese spread and oil dressings are not healthy.

2.Lean Protein

Lean protein is a great way to bring protein and nutrition to the body but how has it been cooked? Grilled or steamed is always the best option for cooking animal protein. Don't think that buying a cooked chicken and removing the fat is a good idea either as the fats will be absorbed in the meat as part of the cooking process.

3.Commercially Packed Reduced Fat

Since people have become aware that bad fats are well, bad! They have opted for reduced fat options. Some are good and some are not so good. Check the fat and sodium as well as sugar content in these offerings. If they are high in sodium or fat leave them out. Stick to fruit as a healthy snack option.

4.Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt seems like a great idea in place of ice-cream and mostly it is but a lot of frozen yoghurt has sugars added to it. That kind of negates any benefits it may have to offer. Full fat frozen yoghurt is also a no-no and you probably are better off making your own or reading the label very carefully. Adding fruit in syrup is even worse.

5.Wholegrain Breads

Whilst wholegrain is good a lot of breads add refined ingredients to their recipe. Reading the label is your best bet when choosing a wholegrain bread. If there is anything added that is listed as 'refined' put it back. The whole purpose of wholegrain is to each the unbleached natural husk. Check also the fat content in the bread.


Smoothies are a great way to pack a whole lot of nutrition into a small space and as a quick pick me up are fantastic. A lot of 'health bars' load them up with ice-cream and additional sugars such as flavored syrups. Don't go there! Make your own if possible. Using just fresh fruit and fat fee yoghurt. Even better opt for vegetable smoothies.

7.Sports Drinks

Unless you are taking part in a marathon and need additional calories for energy regular people do not need sports drinks. High in sugars and carbs you are better off with plain water to use as hydration.



How healthy is your salad? Are you adding dressing and fat laden meats? Some salad dressings have fat contents as high at 25% and over. Plus, many are loaded with sodium in order to make them taste better. The best thing to do is make your own salad dressing or do without it entirely. Also watch which cold meats you are placing into the salad.

9.Cold Meats Including Turkey

Some pre-packaged turkey is so high in sodium it is not even worth eating as a healthy food. Sodium can create blood pressure issues. Cold meats are often cooked in their own fats making them too high in fat. Plus cold meats like salami are loaded with animal fat. Try making your own Turkey pieces or chicken pieces by steaming or grilling, do not cook in the skin.


10.Bran Muffins

A lot of bran muffins are not too bad on the healthy ingredient scale but many are filled with too much fat and sugar. Bran is a great ingredient to eat but not surrounded by sugars and fats, then it just becomes a filler. Making your own is an option with low fat, low sugar contents.

11.Baked Potato

Be careful when either making your own baked potato or ordering it in a restaurant. Baked potato on its own is a great healthy snack but most restaurants add not only butter, cheese but even cream. Not to mention extras like bacon bits. Plus they are often loaded with sodium. This makes a healthy option more packed with saturated fats than just about any other dish. Good baked potato options would include low fat cottage cheese as a topping for example minus the butter and salt. Cayenne pepper adds flavor and has many health benefits.


12.Health Bars

Health bars seem like an alternative healthy snack to grab whilst you are on the go. Not so, most health bars are packed with sugars and not only that saturated fats which are the fats that clog up your heart. Rather carry fresh organic fruit with you for a quick snack.


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