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15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 4:18 pm

Unless you are a president of some country, or a super rich guy, you can't avoid neighbors and their mess. Most of us have trouble with at least one neighbor who is always there to spoil our day. At times, we may find it a little difficult to tell our neighbors that there is something wrong with them. These fifteen people had some really bad neighbors. They dealt with them in style! Here are fifteen aggressive notes left by them to their stupid neighbors.
1.This Public Announcement

We don't really think that owner was selling the property. We guess he put that board just to shame his neighbor. Have you ever been so mad at your neighbor that you decided to sell off your property altogether? We wonder what that neighbor felt like when he saw this extremely funny board.

This Public Announcement-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

2.When Neighbors Steal Toilet Papers

This note is a fitting reply to those neighbors who stole this man's toilet paper. Imagine how irritating it will be to live next to people who are cheap enough to steal toilet papers. His choice of words clearly tell us how pissed off he was with his neighbors.

When Neighbors Steal Toilet Papers-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

3.A Note to Couple Who Doesn't Stop Fighting

We guess the people living in that building were tired of that couple's mess. It feels awkward when your neighbors are fighting. Fights and arguments between couples or family members can be frightening to children. How do you deal with such neighbors? These neighbors did a good thing by letting the couple know how they have been disturbing their neighbors.

A Note to Couple Who Doesn't Stop Fighting-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

4.This Warning

Isn't this warning note really hilarious? This is a common problem most of us face. Some neighbors let their dogs on the loose. They don't really care even if the dogs poop on neighbor's property. This neighbor as you can see from the image, looks he had enough of his neighbors who can't control their dog.

This Warning-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

5.This Ray of Sunshine

This neighbor decided to try something artistic to express his frustration towards his neighbors. Well, poop is one thing we all prefer not to see early in the morning, when we open doors, hoping for a great day ahead. Isn't this totally funny?

This Ray of Sunshine-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

6.Protesting a Doormat Theft Like Boss

Are you frustrated about something? Try methods like these! As you can see from the image, this funny 'doormat replacement' note will definitely make that thief feel embarrassed. This is exactly how you vent your frustration and anger out, without harming anyone! Unless you are that thief, you will find this funny.

Protesting a Doormat Theft Like Boss-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

7.Well Said!

Party freaks are another big headache if you live in apartments or multi-storied buildings. It looks like this person was fed up with his neighbor's midnight parties. He added some sarcasm to his anger and frustration. He made this note and glued that to neighbor's door. This person is still patient enough to let his neighbors enjoy on Friday and Saturdays.

Well Said!-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors


8.These Envious Neighbors

That's one way to let people know their mistakes without actually being rude towards them! When you are rude towards your already rude neighbors, they make things more complicated. However, if you let them know their mistakes with funny and sarcastic notes like this, they may try to rectify them.

These Envious Neighbors-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

9.Fun Fact of the Day

People who live in apartments can relate! You frequently hear your neighbors having sex, especially when you have those ladies as neighbors, who love to fake things. Let's not talk about the top floor beds that don't stop making squeaking sounds. Apparently, neighbors of this house were asking the couple to be quite while having sex!

Fun Fact of the Day-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors


10.When Neighbor's Dog Doesn't Stop Barking

This is yet another universal problem that exists everywhere on this planet. Some dogs keep barking. When dogs don't stop barking, it means that there is something wrong with them. Some people don't even understand how disturbing it can be to neighbors. Most of us already struggle to get a good sleep; barking dogs make it worse.

When Neighbor's Dog Doesn't Stop Barking-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

11.Best Use of Liam Neeson Meme

We feel sorry for this poor guy who has to deal with an unknown stranger who doesn't stop leaving trash bags in front of his home. He put up this Liam Neeson meme which made everyone laugh and sent out a really strong message as well to that stranger. We are sure that stranger would have laughed as well. Instead of meme, he could have set up a spy camera somewhere there to find out who was doing that.

Best Use of Liam Neeson Meme-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

12.This Cool Note with Code Language

It's not all that hard to understand this. We hope you already got that message. Yes, the neighbors there are fine with submarine or subway, but not a subwoofer. People who love listening to loud music on their subwoofers need to move to a villa or a property that's located in a remote area!

This Cool Note with Code Language-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

13.A Small, Nice and Polite Note

We all hate those neighbors who are super social, and who doesn't see a problem in taking advantage of their neighbors. Some of them borrow your stuff but never give them back. Some don't even care about their neighbor's privacy. This note was for those neighbors who think they don't need anyone's permission to pluck fruits or flowers from their neighbor's gardens.

A Small, Nice and Polite Note-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

14.Hope You Get Pregnant

That is funny. We can totally understand the pain of that person who put that note there. Listening to your neighbors making loud noise during sex can be really awkward and irritating, unless you are that kind of 'forever alone' person who doesn't mind listening. People with kids at home absolutely hate situations like these.

Hope You Get Pregnant-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

15.You Have Been Warned

This is a serious warning! You can assume how many times this person would have told that neighbor to control his dog. Remember, dogs aren't bad; their owners are. As we told earlier, dogs keep barking because of fear, anxiety, panic or over-alertness. A professional trainer can help dogs stay calm.

You Have Been Warned-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

All these notes do tell us how to behave like a good neighbor. It's not just these people who were found being bad neighbors, Sometimes even we take things for granted and disturb our neighbors without realizing it. We request all the visitors reading this to make sure they don't make such mistakes. As we all know Karma: What Goes Around Comes Around, so let's try to be good to our neighbors.


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