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Coolest Google Street Finds

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 7:02 pm

Google street view is a very cool tool to checkout different places live at the comfort of your bed or toilet seat. Although after several precautions and privacy settings being implemented by Google, Google street view can show you some sick and cool images right from your computer. Here are 12 coolest Google street views ever!!!
1.I know What You Did Last Summer - Love Google

Always remember, whatever you are doing, whenever you are doing it. Someone is watching, but hopefully not Google every single time you go to do something like this as that would just be seriously unlucky.

2.Well I Never?

Oh yes! There is Chad and James running down the road in their diving gear. Scenes like this are common in everyday life. Right? At least they are being creative unlike so many others out there.

3.Another Legal Issue!

This little pooch relieving himself later filed a privacy violation case to Google Street Views. You can just tell by the look on his face he is not pleased at this personal act being caught on camera.

4.Whoo! Hoo!

Someone had a party last night and now there is a sh*t load of toilet paper to clean up! The only problem here is the person cannot deny that there was no party now.

5.Medieval Battles

They say life is stranger than fiction and probably more interesting too. Here two dudes fight it out in period costume. Or, was it the Google time machine at work once again? Perhaps they do this on a regular basis rather than going to a bar? Or maybe Highlander actually is real??

6.Freaky and Cool Google Finds

Google spots a UFO? Or maybe it's just a red cloud formation? Either way it is a bit strange and it certainly has to be one of the most peculiar things that they have managed to spot on their travels?


Some of the funniest and coolest things to watch are people falling over! We do hope though that this person was OK afterwards. Perhaps Google Street Views should start a series?


8.Say Yes!

Some of the coolest and sweetest moments have been captured on Google views. We wonder if she said yes? Surely after him taking the time to do all of this she had no option?

9.That Will Teach You Google!

This couple is having a good laugh at the expense of Google Street Views and faking sex. Or are they? Could it be Google that is being screwed here or what is actually going on?


10.Cat Tails and Other Cool Stuff

Finding a guy walking the streets with a cat on his head has to be the coolest Google Street Find? The funniest part has to be that nobody appears to have noticed.

11.Whoa! The Google Time Machine

How cool is this? Has Google street views become a time machine? Where it captured this old guy a few moments into the future, or even the past? Oh who knows what is going on!

12.Horses head

This has to be one of the strangest things you will find on Google street view. The best part is that he then appears elsewhere, so basically he was stalking Google as they went through a part of Scotland.


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