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15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:55 am

All crimes need not be evil or violent. Crimes can be weird, funny, silly and stupid too! Many times in the past, police has arrested people for doing dumb crimes. Such offenses are so silly that they make us laugh. Nonetheless, crime is a crime; even if it is beating your partner with a banana! Here are fifteen craziest crimes people have committed.
1.Run to jail

Two teenage boys made life easy after robbing a store. During their escape they decided to climb over a fence in order to get away from the police and it did appear that they were successful as the police decided to stop chasing them. However, they stopped chasing them because they had climbed over the fence for the local prison in their haste to get away. They were quickly arrested for robbery and being stupid.

2.Scotch robber

A guy tried to rob a convenience store using a shotgun and he was successful in getting the cash register emptied into his bag. However, he also wanted a bottle of Scotch, but the employee refused saying he was not over 21 and would need to see ID. The robber agreed, showed his ID, then left with his money. The employee then called the police, gave them the name and address of the robber and he was arrested soon after.

3.Finger gun

Steven Richard King from Modesto, CA, decided he was going to rob a branch of the Bank of America. He got himself ready, went through what would happen, and burst in demanding money with the idea of using his fingers to pretend he had a gun. The only problem was that he did not keep his hand in his pocket, so there he was holding his fingers up trying to convince people he had a gun. He failed.

4.Bad escapee

In Washington DC a convict successfully broke out of jail. His girlfriend was due in court a couple of days later due to being on trial for robbery and he decided to go with her. When it was lunchtime he left, but she wanted to have a chat with him so he was paged. Now courts tend to have police in them, so they recognized his name and arrested him when he came back. He was charged with escaping and for stealing a car, which he used to go and buy lunch.

5.Circle K

A robber walked into a Circle K store, put $20 down and asked for some change. When they opened the till, he pulled out a gun and demanded them to give him the money. They did, and the guy fled leaving the $20 still sitting there on the counter. His haul from this robbery? $15, so in actual fact this was a robber that lost money when committing a crime.

6.Record store

In Michigan, two guys decided to rob a record store. They had clearly never done it before as they were both nervous as they burst into the shop waving their guns in the air. One shouted that nobody should move, but his would-be robber partner moved, so the first guy shot him out of nervousness ultimately ending the robbery.

7.Golf clubs

In England, a German tourist claimed he was there to play golf and spent some time in customs making small talk about the game. However, it soon became apparent that he had no idea about "handicap" and when they asked him about his swing he did everything backwards. It turned out that his golf bag was full of drugs leading to him retiring to his cell and not the 19th hole.


8.Cocaine judge

Christopher Johns found himself in court charged with possession of drugs, but he claimed that he was searched without a warrant and, therefore, the charges should be dropped. He was told that it did not matter as the bulge could have been a gun, but to prove his point it could not have been a gun he handed the judge his jacket. A bag of cocaine then fell out. He lost his case.

9.Drunk robber

In the US, A guy who was drunk attempted to rob a service station. The two attendants saw he was drunk and refused to hand over the money, which only led to him getting mad. They informed him that they would call the police if he continues to give threats so he called the police to complain that they would not hand him the money leading to him managing to get himself arrested for attempted robbery.


10.Bad drugs

Drug smugglers will try to use anything they can in order to get their product to market, but a drugs gang in Mexico decided to hide their drugs in a propane tanker to get them to El Paso. They took out the propane, filled it with marijuana and started driving. The problem? They misspelled the company name arousing suspicion and leading to them getting arrested.

11.Jewelry store

To show how crazy some criminals are you only have to hear about the guy that decided he wanted to break into a jewelry shop to get a ring for his girlfriend. He selected a brick as his tool of choice, threw it with all of his power, the brick hit the Plexiglas that made up the window, it bounced back, smacked him on the head and knocked him out. He woke up in time to see the police standing over him.


12.Home improvement store

A guy in Tennessee called Wayne Kirkhuff once broke into a home improvement store when drunk. The problem here was that he thought it was his home, but before that he had tried to break into a shed to start a fire, soiled himself, needed clothes, thought he was going into his home, then work up realizing he was in a business. What was his home like that it resembled a store?

13.Banana Assault

A 36-year-old Florida man named Phillips Joseph Smolinsky was arrested in 2014 for attacking his girlfriend with a banana! His girlfriend called the police immediately when her boyfriend threw a banana at her face. Police tried to arrest Smolinsky on the basis of domestic violence, but he resisted. Police had to pepper spray the resisting 'banana criminal' to arrest him. 

Banana Assault-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

14.Boy Punches His Grandma In Face For Not Buying Him A Toy

In 2013, an 11-year-old Ohio boy punched his grandma on the face for refusing to buy him a toy that he wanted. A bystander protected the grandma from receiving a second punch and called the police. Police arrived and took the boy to Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center.

Boy Punches His Grandma In Face For Not Buying Him A Toy-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever

15.51-Year-Old Man Pointed Loaded Gun at Woman, Demanding Monkey Blood

Mark Loescher, a 51-year-old man from Naples, was arrested for pointing loaded gun at a woman, asking for monkey blood! He didn't harm her in any way, though. He was arrested by the police soon. He told police that he was the brother of Elvis Presley, and also the Head of CIA. He also told them that he was half-orangutan, and need more monkey blood to transform into a full orangutan!!! 

51-Year-Old Man Pointed Loaded Gun at Woman, Demanding Monkey Blood-15 Dumbest And Craziest Criminals Ever


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