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Simple Yoga Positions For Everyone

Friday, Feb 26, 2021, 7:16 pm

1.The cobra

If you want to stretch your back in the opposite direction, then the cobra is going to be the best pose for you. This pose is also going to make you work your upper arms and indeed it will strengthen not only your arms, but also your legs and back.

2.The bridge

If you are going to do the bridge, then one little tip is to get a yoga block to put under your back. This particular pose works your buttocks, abdomen, and hips as well as gently stretching your back and easing any tension in the muscles.

3.The downward dog

This is another simple back stretch and even though it may look quite fancy it is actually very easy to do. How much you arch your back depends on how flexible you are in general or how comfortable you are, but with some work you should be able to get quite a good angle.

4.The camel

This is a yoga pose that is great for people that have a back issue because it will stretch it just enough to relax those muscles and ease the pain. This pose is something that you must do if you spend hours sitting down in order to help preserve your back.

5.The lunge

This is something that anybody can do because it merely involves you having one leg out in front of the other and lunging forward. It will put some pressure on your hips, chest, and legs, so it is a good general yoga pose to try out.

6.The plank

This is an absolutely classic yoga pose and if the full plank is too difficult at first, then you do have the option of having your knees on the ground and only stretching the upper part of your body. This is not only going to work on building your stability, but also strengthen your abdominal muscles and your general upper body strength.

7.Warrior I

This pose is going to work on your hamstrings, hips, and buttocks and when done on a regular basis you should also feel a real difference in the way it strengthens your legs in general. Gently introduce yourself to the stretch to prevent you causing yourself some problems.


8.The mountain

This may look easy, but it does require more concentration than you may at first be aware of. The entire idea of this pose is to work on your basic posture and balance and in all honesty you need to try to perfect this first before you think about moving onto harder ones.

9.The cow

This is another pose that works on the flexibility of your spine and indeed it is often done straight after the cat pose. All it does is it puts some pressure on another part of your back and when done correctly, and on a regular basis, it really does help your spine.


10.The cat

This pose is designed to just help you stretch out your back a bit without putting too much pressure on you. This is a pose that you will quite often do at the start of your routine as it just helps to prepare the spine for being bent in various ways.

11.The tree

Even though this looks difficult, and it does take some time to get used to it, the tree pose is one of the basic ones that will work on your balance. Just remember not to push yourself too far at the start and do not worry if you can only stand there for a few seconds at a time as you will get better the more you do it.


12.Warrior II

This pose does not require you to be too bendy and it also just puts a little of strain on your body to let it know you are working on it without doing too much. It will put pressure on your quadriceps and will improve the flexibility of your hips.


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