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Craziest Baby Pics

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 8:56 pm

1.Baby Eats Cat

Someone's mom didn't warm up their bottle quick enough. This infant thought it was a good idea to nibble on its cat's head. It's crazy to see a baby with enough strength to actually strong-arm a cat. This cat must have been tired, or used to this kind of treatment because any other feline would have retaliated. With any luck, this child's parents get him into the WWE later on in life.

2.Peace from within the Womb

If this child doesn't end up with a Nobel Peace Prize then something is wrong. These 3D sonograms give parents a glimpse of what their child will look like. Who would have thought that a baby could be this advanced at such a young age? Okay, maybe Photoshop helped with the advancement, but it's still a crazy photo nonetheless.

3.Angry Baby

Turn your infant from girl to boy with just three easy steps. It's time to get a hobby when you start treating your child like Mr. Potato Head. Thanks to three strips of black paper, this little girl looks like Mario from Super Mario Bros. All she needs a plunger and Luigi, and she's all set.

4.Newborn with Teeth

Oh my, what big teeth you have! The crazy thing about this photo, the teeth look so realistic that they appear as though they belong to the baby. If an infant really had teeth at that age, and they were that big, I'm assuming their mother would stick to just feeding them with a bottle.

5.Eye on the Prize

It's highly unlikely that a bottle of liquor would produce such a reaction from a child, but thanks to Photoshop, here we are today. The person responsible for this photo is living vicariously through this infant, as this if the face most men make when you give them a gift like that.

6.Got Tissue?

Kodak will not be calling this little girl for their campaign. Parents love to capture candid moments of their kids on film. This one, however, should have never been taken. Instead of grabbing a tissue and cleaning up the little girl, her guardian grabbed a camera instead. It's crazy that someone so little could even produce so much mucus.

7.Demonic Baby

Move over Damian, there's a new evil baby in town. Thanks to wonder that is Photoshop, this poor baby went from being cute to looking like the demon 'Vigo the Carpathian' from Ghostbusters 2. This baby has a face only a mother could love, and if she would have a tough time.


8.Electric Baby

This photo brings new meaning to the word 'shocking.' The tiny tot looks like he stuck his finger into an electrical socket and got the shock treatment. Scientists across the country would love to get their hands on this kid. Ironically, he has a shocked expression to go with his shocking hair. Maybe his parents were going for the Albert Einstein look?

9.Don't Mess with Me Baby

Most babies can't even feed themselves, but this one knows how to raise their eyebrow. The look on his face makes him appear to older than he is. If this baby could talk, he'd say "please get that camera out my face!" It doesn't help that his little hand is curled back like he's ready to hit someone.


10.Blowfish Baby

This is one of those photos that make you do a double-take. The child's cheeks are so puffy and big, that they barely look human. One can't even get a good assessment of the baby's features because they are hidden behind chubby cheeks. The baby's name should be Hootie, because his cheeks resemble a blowfish.

11.Benjamin Button Baby

Either this baby is the real-life Benjamin Button, or someone had way too much time on their hands. This has to be the most perplexing photo of a baby in the world. The baby's wearing a pink outfit, so it's more than likely a girl, but at the same time she has a beard. And not just any beard, but a gray beard. Then to top it all off, she's wearing a hat that says 'Crazy Baby.' If this picture isn't Photoshopped, then this little girl is going to need a few years of intensive therapy.


12.Angry Baby

Now this is a baby with personality. This photo has become a viral meme due to the baby's epic angry expression. Babies cry or even scream when they're upset. But this baby looks like they're ready to attack whomever made them upset. The odd thing is even though she's mad; she's still as cute as a button.

13.Mighty Morphing Power Baby

It's amazing what Photoshop can do. Someone took a baby and morphed them into a 60-year-old elf-like being. The facial expression on the child's face is enough to have you rolling on the floor. I guess if Gollum from The Lord of the Rings had a son, this is what he would look like.

14.Crazy-Eyed Baby!

Someone forgot to turn off the flash before taking this tot's photo. The startled look on this baby's face is priceless. Let's just hope they don't need glasses before they hit puberty. Though this facial expression is cute on a baby, if an adult were randomly making this face, it would be best to call the nearest psychiatric hospital.

15.Meaty Baby

Food should never be a replacement for love and attention. Babies are normally on the chunky side, but this is in a league of its own. It's crazy that any parent would think it's justifiable to feed their baby this much. Even the baby looks like he's saying, "please stop feeding me."


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