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Most Amazing Lakes On Earth

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 6:14 am

Our world is a very beautiful place and no matter how many places a person visits he/she can never see all the amazing places in this world, But we have gathered some of the most beaustiful amazing lakes around the world, # 3 took my breath away...
1.Boiling Lake, Dominica

This lake is very well named because it is actually the second largest hot spring anywhere in the world. The water is rather hot to say the least and it is just strange to have something this big and this warm just there in the ground and only accessible by foot.

2.Spotted Lake, Canada

This looks like a joke, but the lake does exist and it does really look like that. You will find it in British Columbia and it develops these patches when it dries out in the summer and the various levels of minerals form their own little patch.

3.Pitch Lake, Trinidad

This is actually a lake, but it has the highest concentration of asphalt anywhere in the world, which is quite obvious when you look at the picture. It does mean you can walk over vast areas of it without any problems, but some care is required.

4.Red Lagoon, Bolivia

This has not been altered in any way whatsoever as the color of this lagoon, or lake, really is red. You have to say that it is pretty cool and it is due to the level of minerals in the area as well as a certain type of algae that is in the water.

5.Crater Lake, Oregon

This name really does explain everything that you need to know about this lake because it is indeed in a crater. It is reckoned to contain the purest water in North America and it is a deep blue color.

6.Leigh Lake, Montana

You have guessed why this lake is included because have you ever seen one that has water this clear? You really can see every single thing that is below you and it gives the impression that this woman is floating in mid air because is there even water in there?

7.Lake Baikal, Siberia

The reason why this lake in Eastern Siberia is included is simply because of its size. It is that big and deep that it is estimated it holds up to 20% of the entire fresh water supply in the world. It is also known to be one of the oldest lakes in existence, so it is special for a number of reasons.


8.Kelimutu Lake, Indonesia

As you can see from this photograph, this lake is in a crater of a volcano and there are another two in the area. The color is actually beautiful due to the various gases and minerals in the water and the viewing platform will certainly give you the best possible perspective of this amazing sight.

9.Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Well can you guess how this lake got its name? Of course it is due to the fact that it is absolutely full of golden jellyfish. These little critters are everywhere and it is certainly a different diving experience.


10.Five Flower Lake, China

This lake gets its name due to the array of colorful old trees that lie in the bottom. The lake itself is very shallow and with clear water, so you can spot them as you check it out making this both unique as well as beautiful.

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11.Plitvice, Croatia

How beautiful is this lake? In actual fact it is 16 different lakes that are all linked together and it is one spectacular site when you see it from up high. The lakes also appear to shimmer due to the minerals that are in the different ones and it really is stunning.

12.dead Sea

The dead Sea is of course world famous since it is the only lake in the world where you need to be weighed down in order to drown. This is due to the salt deposits, which means we simply float on the surface as shown by the guy in this photograph.


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