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12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 8:28 am

Who said you need to smoke weed or snort cocaine to experience psychedelic effects? There are several ways to do that without stepping into the murky world of drugs. Looking at these trippy pictures is one such harmless way! Stare at the pictures one by one without blinking your eyes, and then observe the things around you. Interestingly, they will start moving, and you will feel like you are tripping. Remember, these hypnotizing and trippy pictures aren't as potent as drugs, so they aren't going to get you really, really, high. If you have a history of suffering from psychological disorders, migraines, epilepsy, don't attempt to look at these pictures. 
1.These Waves

The center of this animated image looks like a human brain, and the whole of it is comparable to the brain waves. This GIF has hypnotizing capabilities, so if you stare at its center for some time, you are sure to experience some weird but fascinating psychedelic effects. You are not going to trip, but you are more likely to hypnotize yourself if you look at the picture continually. Self-hypnotism can relax your mind or totally mess it up, so don't do anything unless you know what you are doing!

These Waves-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

2.This Trippy Mesh

This GIF is going to make you trip if you can look at it continuously for a couple of minutes, without blinking much. Hey, it is one of the most potent trippy gifs of this topic, so you need to be a bit careful while looking at it because it can give you severe headaches, in addition to dizziness. To make it work for you, you need to see it as closely as possible. If you are looking it at from a distance, it may not work. 

This Trippy Mesh-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

3.These Trippy Little Squares

This trippy picture isn't as worse as the previous one. It's not going to hurt your brain but can take it into a state of trance. After a few seconds of seeing this picture, you will feel like you are traveling through time! This GIF is a good source to self-hypnotize, relax yourself, or even get high. Remember to keep your focus on the middle of this picture. Don't directly look at the square blocks on the sides of the image for better results. 

These Trippy Little Squares-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

4.This Trippy Picture

It isn't an animated picture, but it makes you feel like you are looking at one. You aren't going to trip hard, but this image quivers your mind a little. Quickly focus on different areas of the picture to notice the illusionary movements. As said earlier, this picture isn't going to get you high but works out your brain a bit to deal with hardcore tripping pictures and gifs ahead! Looking at this picture after smoking weed is a different story, though! 

This Trippy Picture-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

5.This Circling GIF

It is by far the best tripping GIF on this topic, and you should look no further if you really want to experience what psychedelic effects feel like. Focus on the center of this picture for a minute and watch something else like a keyboard, or just about anything that's around you. Whatever you see will start swirling! The effect doesn't last long, and it directly depends on how much time you look at the GIF. Remember, watching tripping pictures like these for a longer time than usual can give you severe headaches. 

This Circling GIF-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

6.This Snake GIF

This GIF with its weird snake-like movement is yet another highly potent trippy image that distorts your vision and makes weird things happen in front of your eyes. Unlike the previous circling GIF, you need to follow the snake in the picture. Watch it as long as you can while trying not to blink your eyes frequently. Once you think you no longer can look at it, shift your focus to some other object near you and you will immediately find them looking distorted. 

This Snake GIF-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

7.These Ripples

Here is one more trippy GIF that messes up your mind and twists your central vision. Unlike many other pictures of this topic, this ripples GIF flickers your vision and create hallucinations the moment you look at it, almost instantly. To experience such effects to the fullest, you should look at some forms of text like a newspaper, mobile phone, web pages, etc. immediately after watching this animated picture. Avoid standing up immediately after watching these GIFs as they may cause vertigo. You are more likely to lose balance if you are drunk or high on weed or drugs.

These Ripples-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High


8.This Encased Rollercoaster GIF

It doesn't make you trip hard like some other GIFs on this topic but causes hallucinations if you can look it constantly for a few minutes. You may use it to self-hypnotize or calm yourself. Remember, if you have psychological disorders such as anxiety, looking at this picture may trigger a panic attack. Trippy pictures like these confuse the brain's natural perception of things, and unless you are completely healthy, it is quite unsafe to look at them. 

This Encased Rollercoaster GIF-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

9.These Weird Tentacles

This trippy picture doesn't seem to be as potent as some we have seen very recently, but it is weirder than them. This GIF is not going to mess with your central or peripheral vision, but has a subtle effect on your brain, if you look at it constantly. It can be either soothing or scary depending upon how your brain perceives it. Unless you have tentacle phobia, we don't think this GIF troubles you in any way. 

These Weird Tentacles-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High


10.This "Eyelusion."

This trippy eye GIF can make one hallucinate, but only if they look at it for a very long time. However, if you are drunk or high on weed, it drives you crazy instantly! Hey, most of these pictures on the topic work extremely well for people who are high on drugs or under the alcohol influence. As we have been saying from the beginning, you may try these to get high or trip yourself, but be aware of the potential side effects and dangers. 


11.This Trippy Bender (Futurama) GIF

Here comes one more crazy trippy picture that makes you either trip or sleep depending upon your state of mind. Unlike other trippy GIFs, this one is vibrant and colorful! As you can see, the GIF depicts Bender, the robot character on "Futurama." If you look at the center of the picture constantly, without blinking eyes, you may find your vision slowly fading out and things in your peripheral looks darker than usual. However, if you follow one of those circling colored stripes with your eyes, it induces self-hypnosis, and you may feel sleep shortly after. 

This Trippy Bender (Futurama) GIF-12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High

12.Chaos Or Order?

This GIF helps you to test your concentration level. As you can see in the GIF, the two words, chaos, and order, are written in the foreground and the background respectively. If you can completely ignore the term, chaos, and only see the word, order, in the background, your brain is in excellent shape. If you are high on drugs or under the influence of alcohol, you may see the letters in the GIF dancing!

Chaos Or Order? -12 Trippy Pictures That Will Get You High


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