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Best Dancers Around The World

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 5:53 pm

1.Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri is seen as being the absolute Queen of Indian dancing and a number of experts see her as currently being the best female dancer anywhere in the world. It is her timing and grace that manages to really capture their attention and the way she catches the eye of the audience marks her out as being different from others.

2.Prabhu Deva

Indians love their dancing and this guy is currently the cream of the crop. Their dancing is very specific in its nature, but when it is done right it can be extremely beautiful to watch. The best thing to do is to check out YouTube and see for yourself.

3.Sammy Davis Jnr

Sammy Davis Jnr was of course one of the brat pack, but there is no doubting the fact that he could dance. He may have been small and look like a soft breeze could blow him over, but he had rhythm and poise that was hard to match.

4.Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers went with Fred Astair like a knife goes with a fork and the chemistry between them just helped them to stand out above all others. They managed to dance in perfect harmony with one another, but she could certainly hold her own and is rightfully seen as one of the best female dancers ever.

5.Mikhail Baryshnikov

According to experts this is the guy that has been one of the most influential dancers of the last 100 years. He has managed to redefine so many aspects of ballet and brought it to the attention of more and more people and considering how stuffy followers of ballet can be that really is no mean feat.

6.Rudolf Nureyev

It is perhaps fair to say that this guy is the most famous ballet dancer of all time. He has also given some of the best solo ballet performances ever, well according to those in the know, and it is important to look past his battle to leave the then USSR and focus on his unbelievable talent.

7.Joaquin Cortes

This guy is one amazing talent as he brings so much energy and passion into dancing on every single occasion. He is perhaps the best ever flamenco dancer and you know how involved that dance can be, so is it no surprise that he has women swooning over him at every given opportunity?


8.Sylvie Guillem

This is a ballet dancer who was completely defying the laws of physics even at the age of 48. She really is exceptional because most ballet dancers have completely burnt themselves out long before then and their bodies have just given up, but she has such grace and poise that she just stands out from the crowd.

9.Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly was another dancer who had so much style and grace that you could not help yourself but to sit there and just absorb the beauty of what they were doing. They could hold the attention of the audience even if dancing was not their thing and they were just perfect for the big screen.


10.Michael Flatley

This guy exploded into the limelight due to a show that basically just showcased traditional Irish dancing. It helped that he was playing the lead at the time, but people were amazed by the speed at which he could move his legs and the sheer energy in his performances.

11.Fred Astaire

When it comes to the golden age of Hollywood, this guy was one of the biggest stars out there. He appeared in countless movies and at some point he always ended up dancing in some kind of style, but he did it with such style and class that you could not do anything other than admire him.


12.Michael Jackson

You have to admit that when it came to dancing, Michael Jackson knew exactly how to stun and amaze people. He just seemed to have this natural talent for it and was doing things that you just thought were not possible, and who could ever forget the moonwalk?


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