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12 Celebrities Who Got Caught Shoplifting

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 12:32 pm

Keep your pen and paper ready, as we will be discussing a psychological disorder that we believe many people have no idea what it is! It's called Kleptomania. "Kleptomaniac" is a nice and unoffending name given to shoplifters by the psychiatrist groups! We are just kidding. It's a kind of scientific name, and it actually refers to the uncontrollable urge to steal things. Hey, do you remember Marie from "Breaking Bad"? She is a kleptomaniac too. She may be a fictional character, but there are many such people in real life in the celebrity community as well. Check the 12 hilarious and entertaining stories of celebrities who were red-handedly caught shoplifting!
4.Megan Fox - Wal-Mart Stealer

Just in case if you didn't know, here's a funny yet interesting Megan Fox fact for you. Walmart banned Megan Fox for life! She stole a $7 tube of lip gloss at a Walmart store in Florida when she was a teen. She was a rebel back then! Megan Fox told The Daily Express, "I don’t know if the ban was for life, but when I was 14 or 15 I did get caught and convicted of stealing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cosmetics from a Wal-Mart." "They actually took me to court and I had two choices, and I took the second choice, which was wrapping gifts for Christmas, which was awesome, it wasn't really a punishment," she added. When the reporter inquired about the other punishment, Fox said, "The other one was they were gonna make me wear a sign that said I stole from Wal-Mart and stand outside Wal-Mart for three days."

Megan Fox - Wal-Mart Stealer-12 Celebrities Who Got Caught Shoplifting


Ke$ha's shoplifting incident is one of the few times when you can understand why a person stole. Before becoming a successful singer, Ke$ha spent some time homeless. The songstress has admitted that when she was hungry, she stole food to stay alive. While her actions were completely wrong, they are understandable.

Ke$ha-12 Celebrities Who Got Caught Shoplifting

6.Caroline Giuliani - Caught Stealing From Sephora

Even her famous daddy couldn't get Caroline Giuliani out of a shoplifting incident. In 2010, the daughter of former NY mayor Rudolph Giuliani was caught on-camera stealing more than $100 in beauty products from a Sephora location in New York. Her case was dismissed and she only had to do one day of community service.

Caroline Giuliani - Caught Stealing From Sephora-12 Celebrities Who Got Caught Shoplifting

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