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15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 5:25 am

Did you know that some celebrities have siblings who look better than them? If not, keep reading! If you think the celebs are hot, their siblings will blow your mind with their stunning looks. Most of the celebrity siblings aren't popular. They don't live under their sibling's fame. They have careers of their own, and they absolutely love living their life. At times, we see those celebrity siblings accompanying their super popular brothers and sisters at awards and other important events. Following are the fifteen pictures that show top celebrities posing with their much hotter and better-looking sibling!
1.Robert Pattinson, Lizzy Pattinson, And Victoria Pattinson

Meet the two lesser-known siblings of Robert Pattinson, Lizzy, and Victoria Pattinson. One of the two sisters, Lizzy Pattinson, has gained a bit of popularity lately, thanks to her appearance in X-Factor as a contestant. She is also a notable singer and songwriter in the United Kingdom. The other sister, Victoria Pattinson, is only known for bashing her brother's former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart!  What do you think of these two celebrity siblings? Do they look amazing? Both the sisters look impressive, but we feel Lizzy (right) looks more attractive than her sister Victoria.

Robert Pattinson, Lizzy Pattinson, And Victoria Pattinson-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

2.Gisele Bundchen

Former Leonardo Di Caprio's girlfriend Gisele Bundchen has a twin sister, Patricia Bundchen! Giselle is merely five minutes older to her twin sister Patricia. Both the sisters grew up in Brazil during their childhood. The two sisters started their careers as models, but it was Giselle who managed to become big in the modeling and the entertainment industry. Apparently, both the sisters look incredibly beautiful. The sisters love each other a lot. In fact, Giselle hired her twin sister as her manager and spokesperson! Patricia retired from professional modeling in 2010 when she married a longtime friend from Brazil.

Gisele Bundchen-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

3.Justin Theroux

Yes Justin Theroux is seen as a heart throb, so imagine the reaction when women discover that he has a younger brother, Sebastian, who is perhaps even better than him. Ok you will not find Sebastian dating the likes of Jennifer Aniston any time soon, but he should do fine for himself and will certainly never be left feeling lonely on a night.

Justin Theroux-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

4.Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson looks gorgeous, but with rugged looks and being the tall, dark, and handsome type, it is her brother Oliver who is seen as being the more attractive out of the two. He too is an actor, but even forgetting about their fame and fortune if you had a poll, then he would win as long as you asked women because clearly guys will always vote for her.

Kate Hudson-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

5.Heidi Montag

While Heidi went and had plastic surgery in order to look good it must be annoying for her that her sister Holly did nothing of the sort and still looks hotter. Holly is far more natural looking and she is clearly blessed with just being gorgeous in general and there is certainly no way that she needs to undergo any surgery to correct anything on her body.

Heidi Montag-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

6.Emma Watson

Emma Watson has evolved into a gorgeous woman over the years. Emma is a beauty with brains girl. What many people don't know is that the "Harry Potter" actress has a lesser-known male sibling, who looks equally good. This guy in the picture is Alex Watson, brother of Emma Watson. Alex is now trying his best to become a renowned model in the fashion industry. Being a brother of a top celebrity did work to his advantage, as he has been receiving modeling gigs from leading UK brands like "Burberry." Alex does have killer looks, but only time will tell whether or not he will become as famous as his sister!

Emma Watson-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

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7.Adam Levine

Adam is a cool guy, but a lot of women do prefer the looks of his younger brother, Michael. Fine he is not as talented or as famous as his big brother, but apparently women like that he has slightly rougher and more chiseled looks about him and they do think that he looks hotter than Adam. However, clearly his fame would sway things for a number of women, so Michael is still up against it.

Adam Levine-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings


8.Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz's younger sister Monica Cruz is a Spanish actress. She lives in Spain. Apparently, Monica is as hot as her sister! She has been acting in Spanish films for the past decade or so, but she came to the spotlight when she worked as Penelope Cruz's body double in the "Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (2011) movie. Penelope Cruz was pregnant with Javier Bardem child during the filming of the movie, and the crew found it difficult to hide her big belly. The team then hired Monica Cruz to stand as Penelope Cruz's body double while filming the long shots. 

Penelope Cruz-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

9.Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer is gorgeous, but her sister Dedee is also hot and indeed a lot of people will argue that she is actually the hottest out of the two. Dedee is an actress in her own right, but clearly not to the same fame as her sister, but she is at least blessed with some good looks and in Hollywood that really does count for a lot.

Michelle Pfeiffer-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings


10.Blake Lively

Ok so Blake Lively is gorgeous, but ask women who is the hottest out of the two and they will all say that it is her brother, Eric. You can actually start to understand why they say that as he does look quite a cool guy and he is also an actor so that undoubtedly adds to it, but clearly the family in general has been blessed with genes that result in them looking fantastic.

Blake Lively-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

11.Miley Cyrus

Miley has a sister called Brandi and you could argue that not only is she the nicest out of the two, but she is also the more normal now. She certainly does not act the same way as Miley and is a bit more of a homely girl in general, so you can see how she would be more attractive to those people that are not swayed by fame.

Miley Cyrus-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

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12.James Franco

Girls love James Franco, so imagine what they will be like when they find out that he has a younger brother who is a slimmer and some say a more handsome alternative. There is no doubt that they are going to go crazy and he is also an actor as well, so you can expect to see him appearing in a few things over the forthcoming years.

James Franco-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

13.AnnaLynne McCord

Meet Rachel McCord, the little sister of the "90210" star AnnaLynne McCord. AnnaLynne looks incredibly hot, and her sister, Rachel, appears like she's no inferior to her famous sister when it comes to physical appearance! Although she has acted in a couple of movies, Rachel is not as famous as AnnaLynne. However, the hot celebrity sibling does everything she could do to stay in the news. She often poses for the camera in skimpy dresses and sexy swimwear. Apparently, both the sisters look good in the picture, but if we were to select one, we would go with AnnaLynne! 

AnnaLynne McCord-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

14.Elizabeth Olsen

You have to agree that out of these three Olsen sisters that Elizabeth is the most gorgeous one of them all. She just seems to have more about her in general and is not as scary as the twins and this alone makes her more attractive. She is also doing quite well for herself, not only does she look better, but you can guarantee that she is also more useful as a human being as well.

Elizabeth Olsen-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

15.Beyonce Knowles

This is tough, but there is some argument that Solange Knowles is an older and more sassy version of her very, very famous little sister. In all honesty there is not much between them, but you cannot fail to admit that they both look hot and it is certainly not the case that one was blessed with beauty while the other was hit with the ugly stick.

Beyonce Knowles-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

16.Briana Cuoco

Briana Cuoco is Kaley Cuoco AKA Penny's younger sister and is an actress, She was even seen on the Big bang theory Season 6, Episode 16 as Gretchen who is supposed to be her former friend and fiancee of Penny's ex-boyfriend. She even appeared on The Voice back in 2013. 

Briana Cuoco-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

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17.Austin Swift

Austin Swift is a passionate photographer and is a very loving brother as stated by Taylor swift. Unlike most siblings they don't envy each other and hang out together many times during award functions or night outs, They actually own matching pajamas.

Austin Swift-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings

18.Mandi Gosling

Mandi Gosling is Ryan Gosling's elder sister, and they both lived together with their mother after their parents split. Ryan was 13 years old when his parents parted their ways. According to Ryan Gosling, it was this experience with his sister that programmed him to "think like a girl." Ryan has a special affection for her sister. The two women of his family, his mother, and his sister worked round the clock to raise him. He frequently hangs out with his sister. Ryan even takes her to his movie premieres and other industry-specific events. 

Mandi Gosling-15 Celebrities With Their Better Looking Siblings


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