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15 Funniest Halloween Recipe Fails

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 9:24 pm

What Halloween treats are you making to surprise your friends and family this Halloween? Food is a big part of Halloween celebration. Most people try to make some interesting or scary looking recipes on Halloween. However, not all people end up making them correctly. Here are fifteen pictures that show how people tried and failed at making Halloween treats they saw on internet.
7.Halloween Witch Finger Cookies

Good attempt there! Everything was great in the second picture; except for the fact that cookies looked like crushed fingers. Witch finger cookies on left look very scary! Now, this is what we call a true Halloween recipe. The ones on right are not '3D' enough to scare people.

Halloween Witch Finger Cookies-15 Funniest Halloween Recipe Fails

8.Spiderman Candy Apples

Candy Apples need no introduction. They are very popular in many countries. Since we are talking about Halloween treats, we have a candy apple here, but with a twist. This Spiderman candy apple looks cool. And yes, as usual, someone tried and failed to make the same.

Spiderman Candy Apples-15 Funniest Halloween Recipe Fails

9.Halloween Fried Egg Recipe

The first picture is of a simple fried egg recipe that is tweaked to match Halloween spirit. The recipe is fairly easy to make, especially if you know how to use kitchen tools cleverly. The second picture is of fried egg that was made by someone who was inspired by the first image. Result? Oh yes, not all that good. It ended up looking like a bleeding fish.

Halloween Fried Egg Recipe-15 Funniest Halloween Recipe Fails

Halloween Fried Egg Recipe-15 Funniest Halloween Recipe Fails

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