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15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:13 am

Some people shouldn't use Facebook or any social media website for that matter. These dumb people really don't know what to post and what not to post on Facebook. They keep embarrassing their friends and family members with their stupid and ignorant messages. Facebook is a perfect place to share your pictures, updates or whatever but it's NOT a place to showcase your dumbness. Check these fifteen people who are exposing their ignorance and immaturity right on their Facebook profiles. 
1.Squirrel a reptile? lol

Dolphins and Squirrels are reptile? looks like the Animal taxonomy needs to be modified, I am pretty sure she is just an 8 yo. Well, at least she has smart friends who can correct her :P

2.Why doesn't water in south pole fall off in space?

How come water on the bottom of the Earth( at the south pole) doesn't fall off the earth and go into space? This is one of the stupidest question ever asked on Facebook I guess, this lady must have left school before completing her grade 3.

Why doesn't water in south pole fall off in space?-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

3.American Flag And Parrot!

We can't tell if the guy is an American or not, but we are convinced the he is indeed a dopey! Apparently, he is calling the bald eagle in the picture a weird parrot. Oh man, this guy just took stupidity to an all new level. Well, a toddler can easily differentiate an eagle from a parrot. This post embarrasses his parents and friends more than him! He is exactly the kind of person who needs to shut their mouth, at least on social media. Keep reading. More lame and moronic Facebook posts ahead!  

American Flag And Parrot!-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

4.You Went retard... Never Go Full Retard

This girl is one of the dumbest person I have ever seen, It seems like she never attended school or she is just a 5 year old, People just don't think before they comment nowadays I believe, God save these people. BTW Eiffel tower looks awesome in this photo :)

5.Mom Doesn't Know The Guy's Name

OMG!! this is really slutty and awkward, People just post anything they want on facebook nowadays, that's one stupid mom and daughter. This is what happens when parenting goes totally wrong. Look's like the lady just loves to hook up, I pray for humanity!

6.This Mommy Teaching Bad Grammar To Her Daughter

Mistake number one; she didn't know how to use the word 'their' correctly. Mistake number two; she was appreciating her daughter over the mistake and proudly showing it to the world! This lady is a total fail.

This Mommy Teaching Bad Grammar To Her Daughter-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

7.Is it a pic of Panda?

Really? Are people really that much dumb nowadays? I think that's why education standard is decreasing day by day all our the world. But seriously, they don't know the difference between a panda and a koala bear? that's disgusting!!


8.How Does Nature Do that?

Mount Rushmor's four president faces have always been a mystery especially for illiterates like these, I laugh when people think they are naturally made, do you think that too?

9.This Stupid Person

There, their and they're confuse a lot of people; But to be frank, They aren't that confusing if you understand their meaning correctly. On the other hand, Your and You're are probably the most confused words. This person should have read twice before posting that status.

This Stupid Person-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook


10.There is no "i" in Happiness, Lol

Spelling errors can not only ruin your life but also your facebook status. People are literally illiterate when it comes to spellings, GoshI wish they should have done their schooling properly.

There is no

11.1 Like and i will get drunk

Some people are simply disgusting on Facebook and if you are daily user then you might have experienced it. This guy seems to be a forever alone guy I suppose and moreover getting drunk for a like, that's the disgusting thing ever.

1 Like and i will get drunk-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

12.Mission Accomplished

All it needs is one spelling error to change the meaning of an entire sentence. Spellings are important. People may excuse you for bad grammar, but not for a spelling mistake. Check this man and his terrible spelling error.

Mission Accomplished-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

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13.This Realization

Count the number of dumb people in the picture. You have more than one! It took one semester for him to learn whether Africa is a country or a continent. A simple search on Google helps anyone understand about Africa in just a few minutes. Why wait until for the semester to end?

This Realization-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

14.This Girl Who Makes Us Facepalm

Was she talking about an elevator? It got to be an elevator. However, if you read all of her messages, you will find that she confirmed she was on an escalator, not an elevator. Why didn't she simply walk down the escalator? This is pure madness!

This Girl Who Makes Us Facepalm-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook

15.This Justin Bieber Fan

What do you call people who don't know the value of life and good health? Even if the girl (assuming the person is a female) gets cancer, there is no guarantee Justin Bieber will come for a visit. Isn't she just humiliating her parents, family members and friends with that stupid post?

This Justin Bieber Fan-15 People Who Shouldn't Be On Facebook


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