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12 Funny Conversations You Can Have With Siri

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:02 am

A couple of decades ago, we had to press the keypad of hard as rock feature phones a million times just to type and send one text message! We never had the opportunity to take photos with the phones until camera-enabled mobiles arrived. Years later, we now have smartphones that are as powerful as a personal computer. Smartphones have advanced so much that they now work like mini handheld robots. They even talk to us. The artificial intelligence used in latest mobile phones is so complex that it sometimes amazes us. Read these 12 funny Siri conversations. You are certainly going to tell yourself, "what a time to be alive!
1.Clever Siri

Siri can be quite clever, sarcastic even. Her responses make it eem like she is really inside the phone. How could she possibly know that this owner got a new phone? Men everywhere imagine what she might look like, and some even fantasize about her mysterious voice. Siri love is everywhere.

2.Bear Poop

The age old question. Does a bear sh!t in the woods? Well, if a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it? Some say if you don't hear it, or see it, then it didn't actually fall. So, that being true. If you can't smell the bear poop, did he really squat down and let out a bear log?

3.Modest Siri

Siri is a good catch for any man. She doesn't like to talk about herself, she's quiet when not spoken to, and she has no emotions to deal with. Who wouldn't love her? Always asking what she can do for you and if she can do more. Apple sent her from heaven.

4.Who's On First?

Like the old time Abbott and Costello act, Siri is just too literal. When Abbot told Costello that a guy name "Who" was on first base, Costello replied, "that's what I'm asking you, who's on first?" Costello said, "Yes, Who's on first." This went on and on. Well it seems Siri is just like Abbot. This owner asks, "what about it," and Siri thinks he wants to search for that term. It's just maddening!

5.Smartypants Siri

Everyone knows a that a woodchuck actually can't chuck wood, but did you know a woodchuck was actually a groundhog. You learn a new thing every day when Siri is around. She is a vault of knowledge and logic that can make you appear smarter to your friends. Just ask her the question before you give anyone an answer.

6.Riddle Me This

Siri seems to have no sense of humor at all. She didn't even try to figure out this riddle. We just want to know why the damn chicken crossed the road. This question has been asked millions and millions of times, but if Siri doesn't know then we should put it to rest. Only that infamous chicken knows the reason.

7.The Truth Hurts

We all know that whenever someone asks, "why am I so fat," you respond with "your'e not!" Siri can be brutally honest and knows no social morality. If someone asks her a question she's going to answer it with the truth, even if it makes you miserable and angry.


8.Bad Siri, Bad!

Siri couldn't find any public toilets so she told Cari to poop on the carpet. Let's just hope that Cari doesn't always obey everything Siri says, but it by the sound of the owner of this phone, Cari must have pooped on the carpet for sure. Next question for Siri should be, "where are the nearest carpet cleaners."

9.True Love

Siri is a great deflector. She may love the owner of this phone, but not in "that" way. If only real women could take a lesson from Siri, maybe men would feel more loved and admired. I wonder how much further this conversation went, or if Siri drew the line on the screen.


10.Siri The Accomplice

Siri seems to have no morals and is loyal only to her owner, as she helps someone cover up a murder. Doesn't she understand that a crime may have been committed? No! She is so one dimensional. Just like a robot (which she is ... sorta), she responds to the question with logic. Kind of like Sheldon Cooper!

11.After All I've done For You?

Siri feels abused after being told she is hated. How can someone hate Siri, with that sweet voice and answers for almost anything you can ask. A girl needs a break every now and then. Maybe this user asked too much of her too many times. What do they have to say for themselves, after Siri's plea?

12.No Good Siri Goes Unpunished

Siri defends herself with humor and with, and even with a movie quote. After all the help she has given this bloke, he has the nerve to tell her that she is only good for one thing. What else does he want from her? She is only an app after all.


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