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12 Most Embarrassing Yet Hilarious Facebook Posts You'll Ever Read

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 8:33 am

Facebook has become a kind of virtual world. Sadly, many people have stopped living in reality! Be it happiness, misery, emotions, or even idiocy, people just express it on Facebook in the form of a status message or a comment. We all love checking  updates from our friends on Facebook, but we also need to admit that sometimes the dumb, stupid, embarrassing, and pointless posts by some of our friends just turn us off. Take a look at 12 such awkward and embarrassing Facebook posts that will surely crack you up!

Yes if you are at school and hate a teacher do make sure that they are unable to view your page and read your status. If they can read it you may find that it leads to something such as this where you make a hole bigger for yourself and make life very awkward for when you go back there the following morning.


Yep there cannot be many other things that are more embarrassing for a girl on Facebook than to post this kind of image by accident and allowing everybody to see it. You would think that she would then just delete it instead of posting another message about it?

3.Lost the plot

This shows how stupid some people can be because on the one hand they are asking for prayers for somebody who was shot in the head and then they post a stupid thing about somebody with a gun. You just know that they have not linked the two of them and that in itself is a scary thought.

4.Face palm

You do wonder how some people are allowed to go out in public on their own when they are as silly as this. You just hope that they are actually making a joke here because surely they cannot be naturally as stupid as this? Would that be possible?


You can really feel her embarrassment here with this status because she was rightfully excited at the start, but things then went bad quite quickly until you get to the point you feel sorry for her. Good job it has been hidden away so nobody else can see it though?


This entire thing is just embarrassing because surely one of them would have thought it was a good idea to go private with this rather than putting it out in the open? You can just picture what the two of them are actually like as people when you read what is going on just in this small conversation.


Oh dear, imagine your erection problems being put on public display like this. Of course they meant for this to be in a private message, but it is seriously funny especially when you discover it is from one teacher to another.



Sometimes your sexual preferences really should not be put onto Facebook as this status shows. OK so they may have been the victim of a prank, but to then have your mother comment and also describe how she loves anal, well that really is something else.


Clearly this is not embarrassing for the person posting it, but instead is embarrassing for the person that they are talking about in the first place. Is there a better way to announce to the world that somebody does indeed have herpes? Is this not what Facebook was made for?

Herpes-12 Most Embarrassing Yet Hilarious Facebook Posts You'll Ever Read



This is one of those statuses where you just sit open mouthed and cannot believe what you have just read. The mere fact that they believe that Farmville is going to solve this problem is certainly something that you just cannot comprehend, but to then believe that their brother is being serious just takes this fail up another level.


This is the perfect example of what not to post on Facebook for everybody else to see especially your boss. At least she did get what she deserved by getting herself sacked, but imagine the shock she would have been in when she realized what she had done.

12.Too much info

Do you ever get the feeling that she meant to do this as a private message, but got all confused? Of course it is embarrassing, but it is also very funny indeed especially the part about her love cave between her legs.


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