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15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 6:03 pm

This is 2015, and the word 'future technology' still excites us. Many of us don't completely realize we are already living the future. We somehow convince ourselves that the technology we had in our hands today is old, and hope for the best every day. Here are 15 images that make you believe the future is already here, and we are living in it!
1.Word Lens

In the beginning, we used to rely on book. Later, we have used our desktops to translate between languages. We are now using our smartphones to do the job. Now this futuristic app will let you translate any language to yours instantly by using your smartphone's camera. This futuristic 'Word Lens' app is available in Google Play Store and Apple's App Store to download.
Word Lens-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future


2.Liftware Spoon

People who suffer from Parkinson's disease have hand tremors that prevent them from doing regular activities like eating. Eating food is one of the biggest problems Parkinson patients face. Now, this futuristic spoon will help them eat food happily without spilling it. Welcome to future, where hope turns into reality!

Liftware Spoon-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

3.This Hologram App

Haagen-Dazs has come up with an exciting smartphone app that let people watch a small hologram violin player playing some music. This hologram player will stop playing once the ice cream is soften up, and ready to eat. This is freaking cool! Can we imagine something like this happening a decade back? No!

This Hologram App-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

4.This Amazing Metro Advert

Back in our days, we have only seen posters. Of late, we are seeing videos or motion pictures as billboard advertisements. Now, this is level up. This creative ad in a metro station is the best example that shows future has met advertising as well. This will even scare many people who haven't seen much of creative advertisements in real life.

This Amazing Metro Advert-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

5.This Lockitron Door Lock System

You know you are doing far too many things with your mobile. Why not open and close doors with a mobile?  This new mobile app lets you control your door locks with nothing more than a mobile. Isn't this cool? Welcome to future!

This Lockitron Door Lock System-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

6.Technology Has Changed the Way We Enjoy our Movies

These days it's very hard to differentiate an animated scene from a real life one. Thanks to new video and film making technologies for making impossible things happen on silver screen. Check this image and we be you will think your whole life is a lie! It's hard to believe but most of the so called grand movies are shot indoors! 

Technology Has Changed the Way We Enjoy our Movies-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

7.Because a Regular Door is Too Mainstream

Innovation is not always about creating something that's productive or solves a problem. Sometimes people innovate because they have to! Check this cool door. Now, this is what we call a doorway to future! This looks very interesting, right?

Because a Regular Door is Too Mainstream-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future


8.Fighter Plane that Needs No Runway

Unlike other planes, this fighter jet doesn't need a runway to take off. Planes like these come very handy in tricky war situations. We bet there will be more futuristic and unbelievable war gadgets we may not see or hear! Remember, defense is one area where most people don't want to see future and innovation creep in.

Fighter Plane that Needs No Runway-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

9.This Transparent Car Hood

This transparent car hood is an instant attraction to those who are into off-road driving or racing. This is hard to believe, but this isn't fake at all. Land Rover unveiled this 'Vision' technology last year. The company used some advanced camera and projection system to make something like this possible.

This Transparent Car Hood-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future


10.Bionic Hand

Many of us only hear about prosthetic hands that have minimal functionality. Check this bionic hand to see how far we have traveled into the future! This bionic hand will do many things just like a real human hand. Innovations like these are highly appreciated, as they help people come over and lead a normal life after an unfortunate mishap.

Bionic Hand-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

11.This Futuristic Trashcan

Why is it always humans who play with trashcans throwing stuff at them? Trashcans can play too! This amazing trashcan will catch whatever you throw like a dog. With this trashcan, you never ever have to focus, aim and shoot stuff precisely. Throw whatever and where you want, and this awesome trashcan will catch it for you. This is cool, right?

This Futuristic Trashcan-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

12.Next Generation Video Gaming

Can you guess what this guy in the image doing? Well, he's playing a video game. This is called VR (virtual reality) gaming, where you feel like you are standing right in the middle of the game. Gone are the days where you have to sit hours together in front of your console or PC to play games. This next generation gaming ensures thrill as well as some physical activity to the body.

Next Generation Video Gaming-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

13.This Incredibly Awesome Coffee Table

With restaurant or coffee shop tables like these, you can select your favorite food, create pizzas, and do many more without needing to speak to any restaurant employee. Come in, check food menu, order, make payment and get your food delivered on to your table! This is as simple as it can get.

This Incredibly Awesome Coffee Table-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

14.Check this Robot

Yes, the lady there is actually a robot! Robots aren't a new thing for us. We have seen many robots, but this is something very cool and extraordinary. This Japanese robot looks, feels and responds so much like a real human being. Japan made a series of robots that look just like humans. This is one of them.

Check this Robot-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future

15.We All Need This

Imagine a day where you can commute to your workplace happily with this super cool flying human-copter! This prototype is highly exciting and interesting. The future is already here! Let's hope this thing takes a proper shape, and on one day we can actually use it to happily fly around in the sky!

We All Need This-15 Pictures That Show 2015 Is The Future


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