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Surprising Unknown Facts About Hollywood Movies

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 9:22 am

1.When Harry met Sally

The most memorable orgasm of all time, well one of them! The scene at the table where Sally (Meg Ryan) fakes an orgasm was actually not written into the script. It was at Meg's clever suggestion that she do that. The result, movie history!

2.The Bone Collector

During the filming of The Bone Collector, Angelina Jolie was filmed in a number of nude scenes. These were later cut out of the movie as the director thought that it would detract from the storyline. Good thinking!

3.The Passion of Christ

Eerily whilst filming the Passion of Christ, the lead actor, Jim Caveizel who played Jesus was struck by lightening. The eerie part was that he was unhurt and for a moment in time was surrounded by a strange aura.

4.Ferris Beuller's Day Off

The car in Ferris Beuller's Day Off was fake! A fibreglass body of a Ferrari was made around the engine of a regular car. The 1986 hit had us all holding our seats tight as we saw him write the car off, just knowing how cross his father would be. It seems we need not have worried. Once the car had crashed, cameramen hid the fake bits by covering the wreck with trees.


The movie Avatar was made a whole eight years before it was released! The special effects were too expensive for it to be released so it was shelved in 1999. Oh well! They say timing is everything!

6.The Titanic

Still more on the Titanic. The original ship cost around $7 Million to build in 1910 whilst the movie cost over 200 Million to make!

7.Blockbuster Titanic

The lead male role was played by Leonardo DiCaprio as we know, but the first name on the table to play Titanic's very romantic lead was in fact Matthew McConaughey. Can you picture him in it?


8.The Hitchcock Thriller "The Birds"

Another great horror story, The Birds aired first in 1963 starring Tippi Hedren who is in fact Melanie Griffith's mother! The movie was filmed long before there were special effects, so one scene in the attic where poor Tippi is being pecked for hours took a whole week to film. She was definitely exhausted!

9.Jim Carey

It is rather surprising to discover that Jim Carey turned down this particular role pretty early on. The thing is can you even imagine him in it now thanks to Johnny Depp?


10.King Kong

What was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie? King Kong of course! Wow, he must have been inspired by the hugeness and powerful influence the big gorilla had on the world?

11.Pulp Fiction

In the epic cult movie Pulp Fiction, all of the clocks are stuck at 4.20. How odd is that? What is the fascination with that time?

12.Die Hard 4

Some actors just make the movie right? Imagine the strong and determined Bruce Willis being replaced by Richard Gere? Somehow the mind cannot wrap around that idea. It's hard to believe that Gere was the Directors first choice!

13.Casino Royale

Casino Royale was the first James Bond movie to be approved by Chinese censors! Quite why it took so long and why they chose this one is a complete mystery.


Ryan is such a great guy he just had to be a Scorpio right! In the movie "Drive" his character plays a Scorpio so he gets to wear a jacket with his own star sign on it!


Remember that filthy dirty toilet in the movie Trainspotting? Ewan McGregor's character even fished around in it with his bare hands then fell down it to crown it all! Well, in fact the toilet was filled up with yummy chocolate and smelled and tasted great.

16.Dark Knight

Heath Ledger was indeed a great actor and went to extreme lengths to improve his acting skills. Holing up in a hotel room was one of the great lengths he went to for the movie Dark Knight.

17.Cat Woman

Michelle Pfeiffer had to be vacuum sealed into her cat suite during the filming of Cat Woman. That means all the air was sucked out causing her to be completely squished and pushed into the suite. Furthermore as you can see her ears are completely covered with the head gear. She could only wear the suite for short periods due to feeling faint, all that squishing and sucking has that effect on you, plus she could not hear much, not even herself talking.

18.Silence of the Lambs

This is a strange fact about an even stranger movie. Throughout the entire movie Hannibal lector never blinks. How difficult would that have been for an actor to constantly pull off?

19.Beauty and the Beast

Well loved and well remembered Beauty and the Beast is a movie remembered by all. It stands far above all its predecessors as an animated best film, since it was the only one to be nominated for an Oscar.

20.James Bond

We all have our favorite when it comes to the suave British actors that played James Bond 007. For many it was the handsome Sean Connery, but not many people knew that he wore a toupee for his entire James Bond stint! No doubt he avoided being 'shaken and stirred'!

21.Apocalypse Now

Some movies have such memorable actors in them, one's we could not imagine not being there at all. In the movie Apocalypse Now, Laurence fishburne lied about his age. The little one was only 14, which is not legal age to actually work in a film.

22.The Terminator

The first thing you think of when you think of the movie The Terminator is Arnold right? Well, imagine if it had been Tom Selleck, Mel Gibson or even Michael Douglas. It just seems so wrong. Those were the first choices for the lead role believe it or not. Thank goodness it was Arnold, he was just so right in it.


Another great classic horror movie is the Hitchcock thriller 'Psycho'. It has all the elements that really make it spine chilling. It's basically about a weird guy who lives alone and runs a small motel. He gets his jollies off by peeping at the female guests while they shower. Then he stabs them to death for causing him to do such dirty things. The strange thing is, in those days they did not show the violence just the blood pouring down the plughole as he killed her. Psycho's interesting fact is that, it was the very first movie to show a toilet flushing!

24.The Exorcist

The Exorcist was released nearly 40 years ago now and is still a great horror movie classic. Based on a real life story, it was in fact a young boy who was allegedly possessed and not a young girl as in the film. Here are some crazy, scary facts that occurred during filming. Nine people died during the making of the film, the set completely burned down in the middle of filming, upon release it caused one miscarriage, faintings and deaths in the audience. The worse part is that so many crew members and staff died mysteriously.


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