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Amazing Water Falls!

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 7:06 pm

1.Angel Falls

This eye-popping image is call Angel Falls. At 3,212 feet it is considered the highest uninterrupted waterfall. Its name, incidentally, comes not from its heavenly view, but from an American aviator named Jimmy Angel -- the first to fly over it, meaning he was the first to have his mind blown by its majesty.

2.Snowy waterfall

Sometimes the water freezes in just the right way to create an image that burns itself into your brain forever. This is the sort of stunning image that makes you wish you had brought your skis with you if only so you could tell your friends you skied down a waterfall.

3.Rainbow waterfall

This awesome image is the kind of thing that makes even the most cynical people contemplate the very existence of a higher power and the heavens above. It's also been known to make people punch themselves in the forehead when they realize they've left their camera in the car.

4.The stoney waterfall

The pictured man is either 1. waving his arms in ecstasy over the magnificent sight he is beholding or he is 2. flapping his arms in a desperate attempt to take flight. The first option is a common reaction to waterfalls. The second is a common reaction to having way too much to drink.

5.A breathtaking view

There is something about a lovely gusher that brings out the gawking photographer in all of us. It is not enough to simply look at it. We have to stare at the majesty of it from the highest possible point. It is as if waterfalls have to to be dangerous to be fully appreciated.

6.Dudhsagar Falls

Even for Americans like myself who may need several months of practice to pronounce its name, Dudhsagar Falls (Hindi for "sea of milk) is a spectacular image. It has been measured at 1017 feet in height, which is about 1017 feet too high for people like me who get vertigo just viewing this picture.

7.Niagara Falls

Few images can compare with the breathtaking sight of Niagara Falls's cascading waterfalls. Truly a sight that must be seen to be believed. If you are ever lucky enough to catch this romantic view, it will not surprise you to know that this is the honeymoon capital of the world.


8.Urban waterfall

There are times when Mother Nature makes a cameo appearance in a highly unlikely place. All it takes is a storm and an oddly built stairway and, just like that, you've got an instant urban waterfall. Now if only one of these guys could find a fresh batch of salmon to swim up it.

9.Waterfall water slide

This waterfall looks more like an amusement park ride than a work of nature. And it is certainly rare that concession stands can conduct business just a few feet below a giant gushing waterfall. It is worth nothing that the people have the good sense to avoid sliding down it.


10.Muddy waterfall

Gushing water and mud don't usually make for an attractive combination, but this is a breathtaking exception. Note the complete absence of swimmers, kayakers or gawking, camera-wielding tourists. This makes perfect sense. After all, who wants to get their clothes all muddy before plunging to their deaths?

11.Icy waterfall climb

When the water gushes freely down a giant waterfall, the daredevils are known to tempt fate by going down in a boat or life raft. But when the waterfall's flow is frozen the daredevils simply improvise by climbing up it in the foolish manner of the pictured man.


12.Accidental frozen waterfall

This photo is proof that sometimes beauty can be created by accident. It came about as a result of a man in this building leaving his water on all winter long. The man -- the only remaining tenant in this building in Eastern China -- has since relocated. Wise move.

13.Desert waterfall

How does the water keep running in spite of what appear to be the arid temperatures in this photo? Your guess is as good as mine. Whatever the reason for its existence, It is truly an amazing sight to behold. A work of nature that boldly defies explanation.

14.Multicolored waterfall

Is this brightly colored waterfall a result of nature revealing itself in some strange, mysterious way or did it happen by some sort of mechanized human design. I'd put my money on human design, but personally, I'm too busy gazing at and admiring the stunning beauty to worry about where it came from.


It's not clear why there are monks walking through this enormous waterfall, but it probably has something to do with the peaceful contemplative nature of this particular sight. There are times in life when it is not enough to observe something beautiful from a distance. You simply have to be a part of it.


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