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How To Not Be Depressed

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 5:32 pm

1.Look after your health.

If you do not look after your health in general, which means exercise and eat well, then it can lead to you feeling down about yourself and clearly that can be a bit of a problem. Instead, be active, eat your five a day, and feel good when you look in the mirror for a bit of a boost to your own ego.

2.Overcome fear

If you are fearful, then you are going to be unable to actually change things to improve your life. Fear can actually cause some of the depression in the first place, so even though it may be tough you need to take small steps and to prove things to yourself or you will be stuck in that rut for some considerable length of time.

3.Avoid being alone as much as possible.

If you are alone, then you will often find that your mind will start to go into overdrive and there is nobody else there to tell you that you are being silly and to stop all of those negative thoughts. Of course this can then be a problem, so it makes sense to ensure that you are around friends as much as possible to stop those negative thoughts.

4.Take action on things.

If you do not take action to change things, then can you ever expect life to get better? If you are just sitting around, then you will just feel depressed more and more, which is why you need to actually do stuff as much as possible.

5.Focus on the big things

We can often have a feeling of being bogged down when we spend too much time looking at the small things in life. Instead, we need to look at the bigger picture because things may not be as bad as you thought just you could not see it due to looking in the wrong place.

6.Stop just sitting around.

There is nothing worse for somebody who is feeling a bit down than to just sit around because that is when the mind will start to take over and those low feelings will only get worse. Get up, get active, and get your mind working and you will then feel a difference.

7.Outdoors and nature.

Get out into nature and check out those animals because both have been seen as having a positive impact on the way we think and feel. Get yourself to a zoo, go for a walk in the countryside, and just enjoy the fresh air while stopping thinking about all of those things that are starting to weigh on your mind.


8.Stop that same routine.

If you are feeling down, then do yourself a real favor and change your routine because if you feel you are doing the same things at the same time, then it makes sense that you will struggle to actually get better. Change things up and you will feel the benefit pretty much straight away.

9.Move places.

Get out of the rut by going to a different place no matter if this is to live somewhere else or just to get a different job where everything is apparently brand new. This change of scenery can give you a major boost and it can make the world of a difference when it comes to you getting over your depression.


10.Past successes.

Think about successes you have already had in the past and when you are feeling down even sit there and write out the things you have achieved as you may surprise yourself with the length of the list. By reflecting on things we have managed to already do it does mean that we can start to look at ourselves more favorably.

11.Positive people.

Spend time hanging around with positive people because their success and happiness can make a major difference to how you feel. It makes sense that if you are surrounding yourself with these people, then you are going to start to feel more confident thanks to the vibe that they are giving off.



Remember that emotions come and go, so just because you are feeling depressed at this moment in time it does not mean that you will continue to feel it over an extended period. We all feel sad at different points, but the main thing is that we do fight back as the good times are just around the corner.


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