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Things We Do Completely Wrong Everyday

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:36 pm

1.We 'diet' Wrong

Every day we think that 'dieting' will make us healthier and help us lose weight. Many diets are deficient in certain nutrients and are not sustainable. Eating right is the best way for good health and weight loss. Eating right is simply choosing foods that are not far removed from their natural state. Avoiding sugars, avoiding bad fats and loading up on natural foods. It's really not that hard, what should you eat? An apple or a bag of crisps? It is that simple.

2.Working Out

Most people think that working out on an empty stomach is the way to go. No way! Eating before a workout ensures your body has the stamina to complete the workout. Keeping blood sugar at the correct level. Also throw away the energy bars and energy drinks they are simply useless calories.

3.Cleaning Your Teeth

Possibly you are doing this the wrong way every day too! Cleaning your teeth is a very important part of oral hygiene. Here are some tips for the perfectly clean mouth and great fresh breath: Make sure your tooth brush is not too hard. The bristles should be of a soft nylon. Do not brush too hard. Brushing too hard can cause rips in your gums and more issues like bacteria entering your gum. As well as wearing down your tooth enamel. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Use a fluoride based toothpaste. Always brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. The tongue harbors bacteria and can be responsible for bad breath. Always floss and always use a mouth wash. Rinse your toothbrush well and make sure it is air dried before each use.


Most people say they suffer with poor sleep or battle to get the prescribed eight hours a night. A lot of this comes from the rigid time tables we have to follow that often involve work or responsibilities that are required of us daily. The other factor influencing sleep is the advent of the light bulb. In the old days before corporate life and ballet classes for the kids at 7.30am people slept a little differently. They would go to sleep when it was dark for a few hours, wake again, do a few interesting things like perhaps read a book or have sex then doze off again. These days because of our alarm clocks going off at 6am being awake terrifies us. Plus, having our home lit up to all hours keeps us awake too.


Imagine being told that you are breathing incorrectly! Most of us wonder why we are so tired everyday. Breathing should involve two phases.. That of the upper lungs and lower lungs. The lower lungs are expanded by inhalation through the diaphragm. Most people breath by expanding the upper chest. The result of upper chest breathing is lack of oxygen which can lead to anxiety, headaches and lack of energy for example.


Most of us don't realize that showering or bathing too much can cause more damage than good. Showers and baths also harbor germs, so unless they are pristine clean you can actually get more bacteria there than anywhere else. The main problem with showering is the use of soap. Soap breaks down the skins natural barriers and protection. The best route to go is shower less or use antibacterial soaps or no soap at all.

7.Using A Toilet

Who thought that the human race could be pooping incorrectly daily? People might think that haemorrhoids are a natural part of growing older, in fact, they are not. Haemorrhoids are often caused by simply sitting on a toilet that is too low. The natural way to poop is squatting! This way there is no undue pressure on the parts needing for pooping. Higher toilets do help to alleviate this pressure.


8.Women Give Birth Incorrectly Daily

The best position for women to give birth is squatting or sitting. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense due to gravity. Women initially did give birth this way. It was King Louis XIV who started the lying down method as he personally liked to watch women give birth and this gave him a better view.

9.How to Correctly Wash Dishes

It seems like an easy enough task, however, many people get it wrong daily. Here are the steps to washing up correctly: Rinse the sink before washing up. You can run an anti-bacterial wipe over the sink surface to remove dirt and bacteria. What is the point of washing up in a bacteria infested area? Rinse well. Rinse all the plates and cups before washing so that they have no food on them. Use the hottest water your hands can bare. This kills germs. Wash cutlery first then glasses. Cutlery needs very hot water and a good rinse since they are the implements that enter your mouth. Wash plates then pots last. Rinse the soapy water off all items washed, if you don't you have just left the dirty water you washed in, to dry on your dishes.


10.Cleaning a Bathroom Correctly Daily

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom it makes sense beforehand to ensure that you choose easy to clean surfaces as well as good fittings that are made of materials that are easy to keep clean and are hygienic. Wash the toilet daily using either vinegar or a household cleaner, include the bowl, the seat, underneath the seat and the back of the toilet. Wash the sink, you can also use anti-bacterial wipes or household cleaner. Wash the taps and dry off. Clean the tiles around the bath or shower daily. You may require a toothbrush to get into the cracks. Clean the windowsill of the bathroom and check that the curtains are clean. Open the window daily to allow fresh air to circulate and avoid dampness. Place bleach or other disinfectant into toilet daily.

11.Washing Our Hair

Hair should be thoroughly combed or brushed before shampooing. 1. Wet hair first then apply a dollop of shampoo. 2. Massage mostly into the scalp and let the shampoo fall through the mid-lengths and ends. Do not wash the ends or rough them up. 3. Apply conditioner to the ends only. 4. Never towel dry vigorously, instead pat dry. 5. Always comb from the ends up to avoid tangles and to prevent hair breakage.


12.Hand Washing

Not only do we mostly wash our hands incorrectly but also not often enough. The times to wash hands are, before we prepare food, after we have been out of the home and have touched objects and things, after touching trash, after we have prepared food and if we sneeze or cough into our hands.


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