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Unexpectedly Hijacked Billboards

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 5:39 pm

1.Go on Patrick

This wording is very unfortunate because it appears to be the case that this Patrick guy is guilty of dunking on a baby and surely that is something that needs to be avoided at all costs? OK we know it is for Snickers, but it is still an unfortunate place for it to be located.

2.Answering a question?

OK so these two adverts do not have to go together, but there is just something so right about them being side by side. It is almost as if the two billboards are talking to one another and the one on the right certainly does not seem to approve of the message that the first one is putting across.

3.Religious burger

The hijacked part has to be the three words that have been used in the McDonald's advert to coincide with it just saying Jesus above it. This shows that the marketing people at major companies do pay more attention to what is going on their adverts than we give them credit for.

4.So clever

You have to be slightly suspicious about the placement of these two billboards because surely it is just a bit too much to believe that this is just a coincidence? If it is, then Samsung have done an excellent job in designing this advert to fit perfectly.

5.A bit heart less

You do sit and wonder about some companies and the way in which billboards are laid out and who is advertising at any given time. This has to be an extremely unfortunate coincidence that one is warning you about heart disease followed by Burger King telling you about an unhealthy offer.

6.BMW wins

This must have been an absolute dream for the marketing department at BMW when they saw Audi basically challenging them. The fact that they then went for a bigger billboard and just had the word Checkmate on it shows that as far as they are concerned this billboard war is over.


This is slightly confusing because the bottom advert must have been there first and then Kingfisher got in on the act and tried to take all of the credit. However, this is just one airline trying to jump in and steal the limelight from another airline, but at least the marketing company is being clever.


8.A lingerie wearing Christian

Do you feel as if the Christian center is trying to sway people from going to Silvercrown? Maybe a lot of them go there first and then head to the center with everybody else completely unaware of what is actually going on in their life?

9.Sin & repent

The advert from the Baptist church is exceptionally clever and it is certainly not going to be a coincidence that their advert has been placed here in the first place. Everybody knows why they are doing it and you have to admire them for being so ingenious.


10.Mystery solved!

The top advert was for Pantene, but Dove decided to leap in and solve the problem and you have to say that the marketing person for Dove did a fantastic job. Not only did they hijack the billboard, but they also hijacked the entire marketing campaign as well.

11.Guns & death

For some reason these two adverts just seem to go together pretty well and you have to admit that the company selling the caskets must have felt as if they had stuck it lucky with this placement. Is this giving you some subliminal message about guns, or even caskets for that matter?


12.Oh get a burger

This has to be the ultimate in hijacked billboards because how else could you explain the placement? On the one advert it is all about not allowing our kids to get fat and to celebrate how about going for a burger at McDonald's?


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