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15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 5:20 pm

Being single has its own goods and bads. Some people are happy being single and alone, while others find it lonely and depressing to lead a single life. For some, getting into relationship is as easy as putting on a tee-shirt, while there are folks who try for years without any luck. Here are fifteen funny tweets about single life that make everyone laugh.
4.She is Single Because She is Awkward

Check this tweet to understand why most single people remain single! She sounds completely weird. We are sure there are still men out there who may like this girl for her weirdness. Even then, she may not respond to them properly because she strongly believes she is weird! Nevertheless, her immunity towards bats is interesting!

She is Single Because She is Awkward-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

5.This Hilarious Tweet

This is yet another funny tweet about singles that make you laugh. The person there jokingly said he too had two night stands. We all know what night stands he has been talking about! Singles who are sarcastic and have good sense of humor never fail to entertain us.

This Hilarious Tweet-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

6.Single People's Problem

Behavioral factors such as shyness, social anxiety, depression etc are main reasons why people remain single. Let's not talk about introverts here, as introverts love being single and alone. This tweet neatly concludes why some people are single. They keep complaining about not having a partner. When someone knocks their door, they feel they are better being single.

Single People's Problem-15 Funniest Tweets About Single Life

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