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15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 6:24 pm

Beds are for sleeping. However, in our busy lifestyles, we use beds for more than just sleeping. For some people, bed is everything! They eat, drink and sleep on beds. Few people take their love towards bed to extreme levels! Do you love your bed? Here are fifteen signs that tell you if you are in a relationship with your bed!
4.You Eat and Drink on Bed

You prefer eating your food on bed than on a dining table. Be it snack or lunch, you love munching on your favorite food on your bed accompanied by your favorite book, or favorite TV show in laptop. You hardly care about spills, and you enjoy your food more on bed than anywhere else in the world.

You Eat and Drink on Bed-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

5.Bed Brings Out Beautiful You

You love using bed for multiple purposes. You use it mostly to get yourself ready for work or college. Be it for applying mascara or putting contacts, you do everything on your bed. You strongly believe bed is most comfortable than any other thing in home when comes to getting ready to out.

Bed Brings Out Beautiful You-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

6.Oh My... Bed!

You can't stop thinking about your bed, especially those times in the afternoon where you feel sleepy. You remember your bed and the comfort you have on it whenever you are stressed out or bored. If you ever go to friends' or relatives' house, you miss your bed the most, and can't wait to come back to your home to just jump and fall on your bed.

Oh My... Bed!-15 Signs You Are In Relationship With Your Bed

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