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Best Halloween Body Paintings

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:34 pm

1.Hungry Alligator

This woman must win every Halloween costume contest she enters. It's funny how the human body can easily translate into an alligator. This body painting isn't the most precise, but it sure is creative. The shadow effect on the gator's scales relieves it of that flat look some body painting jobs have. For someone who is being eaten alive, this woman looks rather unbothered.

2.Harley Quinn

This Harley Quinn will steal your heart away. This costume has an immense amount of details from her head right down to her legs. The body paint is done so well that it looks like a tattoo as opposed to paint. Though it's not a 3D paint job, the intricate details on her bodice and boots makes it all look real. This costume doesn't need any accessories to look great.

3.Avatar's Neytiri

Avatar's Neytiri has become one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Some people windup looking like a human blueberry, but this costume has some depth to it. The painter's use of subtle dark blue lines on her entire body gives her an animal-like appearance. Neytiri didn't have all the bells and whistles that this woman has; like the gems, jewelry and cloth, but this woman's spin on the character is very creative.


Even without the body paint, this woman is devilish. Her plastic skirt looks cheap, but the flames on her chest and collar bone are fairly decent. The rest of her custom is objectively basic. Some red face paint to match her evil snarl would help make her look more like a SheDevil.

5.Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman got an upgrade thanks to this girl. Certain aspects of her costume resemble the famed heroine, but the gold paint on this girl's midsection doesn't fit. She did a great job on WW's blue undergarments and headpiece. But the big question is why she decided to wear a bra and not shoes.


If this Batgirl went along with Batman on missions, Gotham City would be in ruins. The Batman symbol on her chest appears to resemble leather, much like everything the Dark Knight wears. The paint on her arms makes her look like she was strangling Swamp Thing, but the rest of her costume is the epitome of sexiness.

7.Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride is alive and walking around the forest. This costume copycats the Tim Burton character effortlessly. The paint artist even nailed the emaciated look on the bride's neck. In case you were wondering about her huge doll eyes; they were achieved by painting a large white circle (with a dot) on the model's closed eyelids.


8.Zipper Back

This woman needs a little help with her zipper. This has to be the most random and puzzling Halloween body paint costume. The zipper and spinal cord leans towards being realistic, but the guy with the wrench peeking from within is out of left field. The body paint, which is not the same shade as her skin, makes her back look like rubber. While this is a creative costume, it's very odd and confusing.

9.Muscular System

This girl is not afraid to show you her muscles. Any painter who can make exposed muscles and bone look three-dimensional deserves an Oscar. This body painting is so factual that it would scare the bejesus out of anyone who sees it in person. To make this costume look even more ghoulish, a little more blood should have been added to the edges of her skin.


10.Witch Doctor

This Witch Doctor is full of color. This body paint is a true work of art. The face and body paint looks more tribal as opposed to being that of a Witch Doctor, but his head dress and the skulls bring the entire look together. This is what Rafiki from The Lion King would look like if he were human.


This Halloween paint job of Venom is of epic proportions. The eye and body paint is smudged to the high heavens, but his neck is what makes this costume gruesome. The teeth, gums, tongue and saliva matches the real Venom character. The painter did an amazing job of capturing Venom's open mouth on this guy's neck.This modelmust've had some severe neck pain for days due to this costume.


12.Creepy Face

This girl has a face only a mother could love. Pink isn't a color that's normally used for demonic makeup, but here it is before your very eyes. The cool part about this Halloween get-up is the top portion of her face is pretty, but as you pan down, you're greeted with a creepy decaying smile. The only thing that would have made this costume better was if she wore a handkerchief below her nose and ripped it off to scare people.

13.The Smurfs

The Smurfs gone wrong. These pair of Smurfs looks like they rolled around in blue petroleum jelly. The only thing right about these costumes is the color of the make-up, everything else looks terrible. The blue paint on both of them is uneven and appears to be melting. Poor Smurfette looks like she's ready to enter a retirement home.


You'll have no problem seeing this skeleton coming in the wee hours of the night. This glow in the dark body paint is one-of-a-kind. The skeleton looks morbid, creepy and all around fantastic. The hints of blue mixed with the white give it a 'cold' look, like he's been in the artic. This would look radical under a black light!

15.Freddy Krueger

This woman isn't scaring anyone. This is supposed to be a take on the famous Freddy Krueger costume, and while her hand piece is creepy, the rest of the outfit falls short. Krueger's face is distorted and ugly, but this model's makeup job just makes her look like she has a bad skin rash. And to top it all off, it's hard to take a villainess seriously when she's this curvaceous.


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