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15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:12 pm

Most of us hate our jobs, but continue working because we have to. Millions of employees around the globe are unhappy about their work or workplace because of one or other reasons. We all know it's rare and difficult to find a perfect job. Many of us are so frustrated that we can't stop thinking to resign from company all day, all night! Here are fifteen people who thought they had enough and finally said bye to their employers in style!
1.Shaming Employer Publicly

Anyone who thinks 'cancer is not an excuse' and keeps swearing employees will go straight to hell! These employees sound like they are deeply hurt. With three of them quitting at a critical business time, we think this store will have bad but temporary business crisis.

Shaming Employer Publicly-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

2.This Quiet Yet Painful Exit

Going by this picture, we can only tell it's unfortunate that management hasn't taken any action on that drunk employee who hit another employee. Coming to office in a drunk state is a serious violation of rules. Beating coworker is simply unacceptable!

This Quiet Yet Painful Exit-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

3.Quitting in Style

Now this is what we call quitting in style! This designer has sent his resignation in a truly unique way. He says he's open for a negotiation, as he's confident that the management can't afford to let him go at that particular time. We strongly believe there will not be any negotiations in this case!

Quitting in Style-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

4.Because a Resignation Letter is Too Mainstream

Now the whole community knows Adam has left Taco Bell. Before this incident, no one even knows who Adam is! Now the whole town knows it, and even loves knowing why Adam had to leave! We must remember not all employees are same!

Because a Resignation Letter is Too Mainstream-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

5.Another Negligent Employer

People who work at local shops and stores face this problem a lot. Employers usually keep keys with them, and they themselves open the shops in the morning. If the employer comes late, the employees like storekeepers or helpers have to wait outside. Here, you see the pain of one such poor employee in the image.

Another Negligent Employer-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

6.A Baker's Way of Saying Goodbye

If computer programmers or designers write their resignation letter as a cool program or a design, why not someone working at a bakery do that? He or she may not write a program, but can make 'good bye' cakes definitely. Check this person who used a cake to sign off from his job permanently.

A Baker's Way of Saying Goodbye-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

7.Another Announcement on Billboard

Normal employees quit; super employees rage quit! Here comes another angry employee who not only left work at company, but also let the whole town know he actually quit that! Those who are deeply hurt by something at their workplace usually do things like these.

Another Announcement on Billboard-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style


8.Signing Off in Super Mario Style

Programmers should resign like programmers, bakers like bakers, and only the writers deserve writing a resignation letter! Here's yet another resignation from a programmer in a true programmer style. He made a custom Super Mario game entry to tell his company that he's leaving soon.

Signing Off in Super Mario Style-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

Signing Off in Super Mario Style-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

9.Another Billboard Quit

This unknown employee says his workplace sucks and he is out of it. He actually wants to tell the whole community two things. One, he resigned from the job. Two, his company truly sucks. What will you do if you run a business, and one of your employees does this?

Another Billboard Quit-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style


10.Gifted This Cake to HR Manager

Resignation letters are too mainstream! This is why this person has decided to dump letter for a cake, and gave it to his HR manager. Imagine what the HR manager's facial expressions will be after receiving this cake! This is super silly!

Gifted This Cake to HR Manager-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

11.This Time on Cupcakes

If you think they are just cupcakes, you are wrong! If you can read, it's actually a resignation. The employee served his or her two week notice on cupcakes! We aren't sure if the company accepts it or not, but this is one cool way to say good bye to an employer.

This Time on Cupcakes-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

12.This Poor Employee

It's not an unknown fact that most of the times it's the hard working people that face rough times at workplace. People who are sincere, who give their everything to the company, are most likely to make a painful exit. We feel bad for this employee as you can see in the picture.

This Poor Employee-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

13.Now Boss Has to Figure Out How to Change that Damn Sign

There you go, another rage quit! Things like these look extremely funny for us, but not to that boss, company or employees there. Incidents like these disturb work atmosphere. Some businesses take so much time to get back on to track, given the fact that acts like these will badly damage their reputation.

Now Boss Has to Figure Out How to Change that Damn Sign-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

14.Out of that Shit

This is the dirtiest of all resignation letters/notes we have seen! This guy literally thinks the management is screwing him from back. Oh boy, he even thinks his company is shit, and says he's flushing it out of his life. We don't know what made him to think like that, but trust us, this is truly hilarious!

Out of that Shit-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style

15.Reporter Announcing Quit on Live TV

This is the best and coolest resignation ever! The lady as you can see in the video actually announced she's quitting her job and starting a medical marijuana business! She even told she will be fighting to make marijuana legal in Alaska live on TV! Oh boy, what a way to quit!

Reporter Announcing Quit on Live TV-15 People Who Quit Their Job In Style


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