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Worst Wedding Dresses

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:18 pm

1.Boxing dress

In this corner, weighing in at one hundred and three pounds is the bride, trying desperately to keep a straight face as she takes the advice of her father, a lifelong boxing fan, and tries to work boxing gloves and a canvas into her attire. A good idea if you really don't want to disappoint daddy.

2.Never ending dress

This is a magnificent look for the woman who likes the keep ahead of the trends. Five states ahead, in fact. Staying ahead of the dress might be a good idea as well if you don't want to be buried alive. I don't know what the fabric is, but it better be cheap. star wedding

The look in this woman's eye -- however sexy -- is not necessarily the look the groom wants to see on the wedding day. It's the look of a woman thinks the dress she's wearing is just fine. And it's the look of a woman who's not used to still wearing clothes this late in the evening.

4.Miles of satin

This would be a perfectly fine wedding dress if the woman in the picture was eleven feet tall, but she's probably not. In fact, she's probably standing on the shoulders of an exhausted man who's sweating profusely and wondering why he ever thought this was a good job to take.

5.Blob dress

Somewhere under this mountain of fabric are this woman's legs and the rest of the dress. Right now she's probably thinking where did things go wrong? Why did I decide this much cleavage was a good idea? Why can't a feel my legs anymore? Maybe if I fake a heart attack, I can leave with some dignity before I make any more mistakes.

6.Furry disaster

Models are known to wear a look on their faces that often border on annoyance. But the look on this unfortunate model's face is one of disgust. It is the look of a woman about to fire her agent and file charges against the fashion designer who spit out this mess.


This woman is among the most talented creatures on the face of the earth. She is a smart, savvy successful woman. But this dress suggests that she has been kidnapped by a drunk alien who doesn't understand the concept of fashion subtlety. It's beyond funny. It's almost sad.


8.Black dress

If a white wedding dress denotes purity and innocence, then what does a black wedding dress denote? In this case it seems to indicate that the wedding is a part of a hostage situation. If you look closely you can see the guy saying, "nobody moves, nobody gets hurt."

9.Rainbow dress

"Honey, I think I should wear something special for our wedding." "Yeah, dude." "Like maybe a big, bright rainbow dress." "Yeah, dude." "And maybe we can have some gremlins deliver the ring." "Yeah!" "And how about a unicorn. Can you find a unicorn?" "Totally, dude. Uh... honey? Where did you put the Pink Floyd CD?"


10.Oh, boy !

This is a cry for help. Pure and simple. The fact that this woman needed the world to see her belly on the most special day of her life is, in itself, a reason to contact the police. But I strongly suspect that even a covered stomach couldn't save this dress from being wrong on multiple levels.

11.Peasant dress

In the grand scheme of things, the dress plays a pretty small role in the impending disaster that is this couple's wedding. Something has gone horrible wrong and they both know it. And somehow the dress knows it too. Yes, I know that's impossible, but I stand by that statement.

12.Fire dress

It's entirely possible that the dress was intended as an expression of the bride's state of mind at the time of her upcoming nuptials. She was, perhaps, overtaken by the passion of her impending marriage. Or maybe she just didn't realize how stupid it looked. Either way, it does look stupid.

13.Paintball wedding dress

What could be better for the bride who is several inches taller than her groom than a dress that's been splattered with paint? Not just any paint, but paint that has been specially crafted by... oh, who am I kidding it's just any paint. The look of regret on her face says it all.

14.stripper wedding dress

I suppose women who work in the pole dancing industry have to get married in something, so why not this? Here's why not: There's just way too much. Too much cleavage. Too much lace. Too much of whatever that is she's dragging behind her. Too much of everything except restraint.

15.A nightmare

This is an easy and obvious one. So horrendous that even a straight man like myself can see things have gone disastrously wrong for this woman and the man who has foolishly chosen to wed her. Let's just hope that nothing catches on fire with her gown because it may take hours for her to escape.

16.The Pineapple dress

This might be a dress which a pineapple lover might approve. Jokes apart, This dress is straight away stupid for any event except costume parties. How can you show up at your wedding dressed as a pineapple looking clown? Am i the only one who thinks fashion industry has gone really wild these years?

17.Glow in the Dark Wedding dress

This dress might not be as worst as others but still why will a bride want a glow in the dark dress in the first place? Is she marrying in a church/beach where there is no power? Not to forget the insects the dress will attract when you are in an open area. Anyways, I let you to decide whether this sounds like a nice idea or not.

18.Pinky heart shaped dress

I am finding it even hard to conclude that it's actually a wedding dress, I mean It's really messed up. Why do people like to experiment with everything they wear? Can't we keep an event like wedding simple and traditional without trying to make it extraordinary to end up making it worst memory of our life?


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