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Girl Who Spent $14,000 To Look Like Disney Princesses

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 5:25 pm

Meet Sarah Ingle, a girl from Denver, Colorado who spent $14000 and a countless number of hours to make her look like a Disney princesses. She spent the money on buying costumes and wigs. She now has 17 Disney princess costumes and 14 wigs that make her look like a real-life fairytale princess. She works as a marketing manager in one of the companies in Denver. She dresses like Disney princess on weekends to make money by attending birthday parties and community events. She also volunteers at hospitals and children care homes. Check out nine amazing Disney Princess cosplays done by her.
7.Sarah as Princess Anna from Frozen

She looks classy in gorgeous cape and gown, and pigtail plaits. She uses specially made wigs that perfectly suit well for the character. 

Sarah as Princess Anna from Frozen-Girl Who Spent ,000 To Look Like Disney Princesses

8.Sarah as Elsa

She looks absolutely stunning in Elsa, as if Elsa has come to life. 

Sarah as Elsa-Girl Who Spent ,000 To Look Like Disney Princesses

9.She is a Volunteer

She likes volunteering. As we said earlier, she frequently volunteers at community centers, child and elderly care homes.

She is a Volunteer-Girl Who Spent ,000 To Look Like Disney Princesses

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